ApacheCon 2019

Event Details
September 9, 2019 (All day) - September 12, 2019 (All day)

ApacheCon is the official global conference series of The Apache Software Foundation. Since 1998 ApacheCon has been drawing participants at all levels to explore "Tomorrow's Technology Today" across 300+ Apache projects and their diverse communities. ApacheCon showcases the latest developments in ubiquitous Apache projects and emerging innovations through hands-on sessions, keynotes, real-world case studies, trainings, hackathons, community events, and more.

ApacheCon draws attendees from more than 60 countries to experience "Tomorrow's Technology Today" by showcasing key Open Source technologies independent of business interests, corporate biases, or sales pitches.

ApacheCon content is selected entirely by Apache projects and their communities, enabling participants at all levels to learn about the latest innovations in dozens of categories. ApacheCon North America program categories include Big Data, Community, Content Delivery, Geospatial, Graph Processing, Integration, IoT, Machine Learning, Mobile, Observability, and Streaming, among others. Participants learn about Open Source development "The Apache Way", through hands-on sessions, keynotes, real-world case studies, workshops, hackathons, BarCamps, and more in a deliberately intimate, collaborative, vendor-neutral environment.

Dozens of Apache projects will be represented across dedicated categories and project tracks. They include: Accumulo, Arrow, Bahir, Beam, Calcite, Camel, Cassandra, CloudStack, Cordova, Daffodil (incubating) DataSketches (incubating), Doris (incubating), Drill, Druid (incubating), Edgent (incubating), Gobblin (incubating), Hadoop, HBase, HDFS, Heron (incubating), Hive, Hivemall (incubating), HTTP Server, Hudi (Incubating), Iceberg (incubating), Ignite, Kafka, Karaf, Kudu, Lucene, Marvin-AI (incubating), MXNet (incubating), Mynewt, Nemo (Incubating), NiFi, OFBiz, ORC, Ozone, Pinot (incubating), PLC4X, PredictionIO, Pulsar, Rya (incubating), Samza, Spark, TinkerPop, Tomcat, Toree (incubating), Traffic Control, TVM (incubating), Unomi, YARN, and more. The full program is available at https://www.apachecon.com/acna19/schedule.html

Attendees will join The Apache Software Foundation in celebrating its 20th Anniversary with special events and activities, including dynamic discourse with select ASF founders, and keynotes by award-winning author and futurist David Brin, "father of Java" David Gosling, and 10-year-old CoderBunnyz/One Billion Kids Can Code founder Samaira Mehta.

Event Sponsors

ApacheCon is the primary gathering of the collective Apache community worldwide; sponsorship of the official conference series of the world's largest Open Source foundation is one of the most effective ways to gain visibility and competitive advantage. Sponsors who showcase their products, people, and community support benefit by extending their brands to the greater Apache community, engaging with industry influencers, and connecting with potential future collaborators. Many sponsors consider ApacheCon to be an invaluable resource for recruiting top Open Source talent. ApacheCon attendees include individual developers and users, Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, educators, consultants, community managers, Open Source enthusiasts, influencers, and analysts from more than 60 countries.

ApacheCon Sponsors include: Aiven, CrowdStrike, Google Cloud, HotWax Commerce, IBM, Instaclustr, Linode, RedHat, ShapeBlue, SK Telecom, WhiteSource, among others. To become an ApacheCon Sponsor, visit https://s.apache.org/2019-LASApacheConProspectus for more information.