New features in OSEHRA's VistA Installation Scripts and usage with Vagrant

Event Details
May 21, 2014 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Chris Edwards will be joining host Fabian Lopez in the popular vxJourney Webinar series to discuss new features in OSEHRA's VistA Installation Scripts and usage with Vagrant.  OSEHRA's Vagrant installer is a popular way to get a VistA instance running quickly for development or demo purposes (do not use this for production). Many new features have been added to the scripts based on community feedback, and we will explore those new features during this webinar.

Vagrant is a major engineering breakthrough and has been featured in several articles in Open Health News including VistA: From Start To Go In 5 Minutes by Crawford Rainwater and VistA: The Open Source EHR Hackable Platform by Rob Tweed. This webinar will present a golden opportunity to see Vagrant in action with the VistA EHR and to talk to Edwards about its core elements and capabilities. The tool was unveiled during the 28th VistA Community Meeting to a raucous welcome from the participants.

Chris Edwards works for KRM Associates, Inc. and part of the OSEHRA team as the Manager of Product Certification and Release Support. He has extensive experience in VistA and RPMS programming, managing VistA/RPMS installation, and testing VistA/RPMS. He is the author of OSEHRA's VistA installation scripts and has contributed to other open source VistA projects.