ZH Healthcare Billing Feature Enhancements Aimed At Efficient and Consistent Management of Practice Revenue

Press Release | ZH Healthcare | February 28, 2013

ZH Healthcare recently released new features for the ZH OpenEMR Advanced Billing Module that allow for more efficient and consistent management of practice revenue and financials.

McLean, VA (PRWEB) February 28, 2013 --ZH Healthcare recently released new features for the ZH OpenEMR Advanced Billing Module that allow for more efficient and consistent management of practice revenue and financials. The Write-off Engine and Patient Statement Engine enhancements improve revenue management for both ZH OpenEMR users and ZH Healthcare Billing Services customers.

The Write-off Engine enhancement allows office managers and billing managers that utilize the ZH OpenEMR solution to search for specific billing codes that are underpaid or not covered by payers and apply consistent rules for how these situations are handled. Lejla Gjini, President of ZH Healthcare states, “this enhancement allows billing managers the ability to select all patients with similar billing code and payer combinations and update the write-off details at one time, versus having to search for each patient that has the code and payer combination. This saves a great deal of time and effort and also ensures the situation is processed in a consistent way”.

The enhancement to the Patient Statement Engine is aimed at improving the efficiency of revenue management but also provides alerts that prevent the practice from delivering care to delinquent accounts. The engine allows the practice office or billing manager to review the entire transaction history of an account, make decisions related to delinquency and collections, and flagging an account for immediate payment which will alert front desk personnel that the account requires payment. All of this can be handled from a single screen of ZH OpenEMR reducing time, effort, and inconsistency. This will not only help ZH OpenEMR customers but also practices that rely on ZH Healthcare for billing services .

“Since we use our own enhanced technology “remarks Gjini, “Our billing services customers will be alerted to the status of delinquent accounts. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to review patient accounts at front desk check-in, and allow for account resolution before further services are rendered.”

This update is only the latest enhancements of the ZH OpenEMR solution, which is based on OpenEMR, an ONC-ATB Ambulatory EHR 2011-2012 certified electronic health records and medical practice management application. OpenEMR features fully integrated electronic health records, practice management, scheduling, eRX, and electronic billing.

The ZH OpenEMR solution is configurable and customizable to suit the individual needs of the practice, including a robust billing module and support for meaningful use.

Shameem C. Hameed, Chairman of ZH Healthcare, states, “We have a robust roadmap of future enhancements for 2013 and beyond. We’ll continue to upgrade the Advance Billing Module, but also further enhance the charting, scheduling and Patient Portals modules of the solution”.

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ZH Healthcare provides innovative OpenEMR-based Electronic Medical Records Solutions and Revenue Cycle Management to healthcare providers who are seeking improved patient care through greater insight into treatment. ZH Healthcare’s OpenEMR creates fewer errors, more meaningful treatment plan coordination, and its affordable software solutions removes IT burden. With a team of over 75 information technology professionals, ZH Healthcare has made significant contributions to the OpenEMR software including revenue cycle management features to enhance productivity, patient portal to improve office and patient communication, eRx integration, lab integration, and a notes editor that has revolutionized how physicians chart their client visits.


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