EMR Technical Solutions Announces Hosting Initiative For Health Insurance Exchange

Press Release | EMR Technical Solutions | August 14, 2012

State Health Insurance Exchange (HIX) solutions from EMR Technical Solutions and its partners offer state governments a clear choice for streamlining citizen access to health coverage. These offerings simplify choices by driving efficiencies and enabling compliance with health benefits exchange provisions of federal law. Our comprehensive solutions integrate the multiple aspects of health insurance delivery—including a consumer portal, eligibility determinations, financial services, plan enrollment, call center and customer support, enhanced privacy, and program administration. EMR Technical Solutions can help your state deliver a comprehensive, interoperable HIX system that connects new and existing government and private sector systems within a consistent architecture.

A simple choice

With HIX solutions from EMR Technical Solutions and its partners, state agencies can assess a single offering and a well-known set of interoperable technology products—a simpler task than evaluating numerous solutions from various firms to find something that works well with government policies or existing IT infrastructures.

Broad partner ecosystem

By choosing EMR Technical Solutions for HIX, government agencies will have access to the extensive EMRTS partner network for solid expertise in crucial areas that might be unfamiliar to state agencies—like systems integration, Medicaid Management Information Systems and Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) requirements, call center operation, health plan comparisons, collection of premiums, and enrollment.

The EMR Technical Solutions partner ecosystem encompasses many disciplines and has extensive experience in customizing and implementing EMRTS solutions. EMR Technical Solutions continually vets its partners' performance and offerings to make sure they meet or exceed EMRTS standards. When a state chooses a EMR Technical Solutions HIX solution, officials can be confident that their design and implementation partners will be proficient and have a proven track record.

Best-of-breed technology

A state’s healthcare system must be able to accommodate a range of policy and technology approaches. EMRTS and its partners provide the functionality, flexibility, and extensibility needed to deliver real-time value and support an evolving market.
EMRTS is a world leader in software innovation. Its OpenEMR platform is already helping organizations achieve efficiency and agility with cloud-based applications. And the improved interoperability of EMRTS platforms and applications continues to help people collaborate, find information, and simplify tasks.

Long-term commitment

EMR Technical Solutions is committed to serving the government, healthcare, and insurance sectors and already offers solutions for health information exchange subsystems such as eligibility determination, financial services, health plan enrollment, and customer support and call centers. The company is heavily invested in products and partner solutions for these sectors and intends to remain at the forefront. EMRTS understands your needs and is here to stay.

EMRTS also understands the importance of compliance with health and human services standards. It knows that agencies could lose funding or face penalties if they fail to comply with a standard. As a technology leader, EMRTS routinely operates within open industry-standard environments, such as the Medicaid Information Technology Architecture, the National Information Exchange Model, and many other standards important to government agencies.

Peace of mind

EMR Technical Solutions and partner solutions for Health Insurance Exchanges offer government decision makers peace of mind in a time of great uncertainty and complexity. The company's broad and highly experienced partner ecosystem embraces all the disciplines needed for implementing a large-scale health insurance exchange solution and tailoring it to fit local needs. The company's best-of-breed technology, its commitment to the government and health sectors, and its long experience with standards demonstrate that it understands state government needs and is committed to becoming a leader in healthcare IT solutions.

Starting the conversation

EMR Technical Solutions is committed to helping states meet complex new national health insurance mandates with a comprehensive, flexible end-to-end solution. We have the products and people you need to make your health insurance exchange implementation a success. We'd like to talk with you about it.
Contact Pat Rathbun about a HIX for your state: [email protected].

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