VistA Expo 2012 Announces VISTA Extensions Challenge

Press Release | VistAExpo | July 17, 2012

Seattle, Washington - July 10, 2012  The VISTA Expo & Symposium is pleased to announce the first VISTA Extensions Challenge, running from July 10th through September 10th, with prizes to be award at the VISTA Expo.

The VISTA Extensions Challenge 2012 is hosted at, where developers can submit their entries, and all members of the VISTA community can vote. All extension developers will have the opportunity to present a webinar on their extension, and each extension will have its own information page.

To be eligible for the Challenge, a VISTA extension must be open source, and compatible with OSEHRA VISTA. It is recommended that the extension not require heavy code changes to the core system. Extensions may run on any platform, including mobile devices.

VISTA Extensions Challenge winners will receive prizes. Our sponsors are offering a variety of prizes, including cash and services, and early submitters will be eligible to win places at training courses to be held in conjunction with the VISTA Expo. A full list of Challenge prizes will be available soon.

The founding sponsors of the VISTA Extensions Challenge are DSS, Inc., GT.M, Open Health News, OSEHRA, GR8PM, M/Gateway, and the VISTA Expo.

The VISTA Expo & Symposium will be held September 11-14th, 2012 in Seattle, Washington, hosted by the non-profit VISTA Expertise Network. This event provides a unique opportunity for VISTA thought leaders, decision-makers, vendors, adopters, and end-users to meet in a professional conference environment. Registration is now open, and early-bird discounts are still available through July 20th. More details can be found at

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