Viratech Announces Agreement For License Of Technology Platform For Cancer Patients

Press Release |, Viratech Corp. | May 30, 2013

STOCKTON, CA--(Marketwired - May 30, 2013) - Viratech Corp. (PINKSHEETS: VIRA), the first open source biotech research social network platform, announced today the signing of an agreement for a license issued from Chris Ryan and Kevin Buckman for a patent-pending, provisional application titled "Method of Lowering a Cancer Patient's Morbidity Rate by Increasing Quality of Life of Patient by Leveraging Cause-Based Electronic Social Support Networks."

This invention was created to lower morbidity in cancer patients by creating an online, cause-based Social Support Network (SSN) for the benefit of cancer patients based on the modular adaption, construction and best practices implementation of the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC), and Quality of Life Questionnaire-C30 (QLQ-C30). There are other benefits to cancer patients and this platform can be used for other medical disorders, like diabetes, heart diseases, or even as a business development platform. The invention is the driving force behind, Viratech's social network resource site for cancer patients, survivors, advocates and volunteers ( )

The Social Support Network is made up of miniature social networks, called Micro Support Networks (MSN), which revolve around a single user, or Beneficiary, who is facing a particular challenge or obstacle related to cancer. This is also a way to help cancer patients with needed solutions and sources of vital information about their disease.


Viratech's subsidiary,, Inc., owns and operates, a social network resource site for cancer patients, survivors, advocates and volunteers. harnesses social collaboration utilities to develop what Viratech believes will become the first experience-based search engine powered by social collaboration.'s mission is to empower every cancer patient, regardless of their ability to pay, with the power to research their disease and to find, organize, and manage their own cancer support network.

This invention was based on the study at Fox Chase Medical Center that is part of a National Comprehensive Cancer Network, that was published as a double-blind, placebo-controlled study titled "Quality of Life (QOL) Supersedes the Classic Predictors of Survival in Locally Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).

This important study demonstrates that it is possible to directly lower the incidence of morbidity in a cancer patient, regardless of treatment. Using this study and added information gathered over years of interviews of many patients in the US and other countries, this was integrated into technologies to help cancer patients, their friends and families, and even health care providers decrease mortality in cancer patients and increase quality of life and provide many other benefits to cancer patients.

This invention relates to a method of creating an SSN for the benefit of the Cancer Community (CC) allowing the Beneficiary the ability of recruiting resources and support via an online collaborative based community.

About Viratech Corp.

Based in Stockton, California, Viratech Corp. has created an open source biotech research and development platform. Viratech has created a unique platform leveraging the utility of social collaboration, which will allow cancer research the opportunity for the first time to become open sourced. This is accomplished by allowing our development partners the ability to protect, promote and produce their research in unified online collaboration hubs known as micro social networks. Viratech's open source platform has integrated several intellectual property tools which, by leveraging our social collaboration network, can give our development partners a new intellectual property mechanism, which will help in addressing the protection of Intellectual Property, promotion through collaboration in our protected open source platform, and commercial development of the products achieved through collaborative research.

Using this platform, Viratech members can protect their intellectual property, then use Viratech's micro social network as a utility to promote and crowdfund the research and development to produce the new technology.

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