An Inside Look At The Latest Telemedicine Instruments In Action With VSee & Open Source PTZoptics

Press Release | PTZoptics | October 22, 2015

VSee TeleMedicine Software announces robotic PTZ camera control support for the PTZOptics camera line

VSee is the largest video telemedicine platform, combining HIPAA secure video chat, EMR screen sharing, and medical device streaming. VSee has recently partnered with PTZOptics a US-based camera manufacturer to integrate Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera control into its secure telemedicine platform.

PTZOptics and VSee have teamed up to produce a video demonstrating the latest telemedicine instruments in a quick 5 minute presentation. In this video Paul Richards, Dir of Business Development for PTZOptics, reviews the latest telemedicine instruments with Dr. Anne Chang of VSee. This inside look at the technology doctors will be using to perform remote telehealth appointments demonstrates the following healthcare tools in an online patient survey:

  • Calling patient from private Waiting Room queue
  • PTZ camera control
  • Blood pressure reading
  • Iris scope / Dermascope
  • Stethoscope (needs to add sound)
  • X-ray sharing
  • Lab Results sharing

The PTZOptics USB camera line supports absolute UVC control allowing VSee to control mechanical PTZ functions through a simple USB connection. Doctors working remotely can zoom into particular areas of interest during a telemedicine call, such as for telestroke, burn, and trauma cases. 

VSee also has a simple Virtual Waiting Room; advanced features include scheduling, call routing/triage, online payment, ePrescribe, and FitBit integration. Building complete camera control into these platforms opens new functionality for robotic telemedicine.

PTZOptics encourages third parties like VSee to integrate camera controls into their software by providing open source controls, SDK’s and various standard protocols. Companies such as NewTek, RocoSoft, and Zoom Video Communications have already integrated similar projects for native camera control in their video communication programs. VSee is the first telemedicine-focused software to integrate secure camera controls with PTZOptics.

VSee has been used by Hillary Clinton, Angelina Jolie as well as President Obama’s security team during his Inauguration. PTZOptics robotic camera control will help extend the reach of telemedicine everywhere.

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