ONC And FHA Area Call For Participants

Press Release | HIMSS, FHA, ONC | November 13, 2012

Is your organization successfully using nationally recognized standards to securely share patient data with other organizations? Demonstrate your successes within the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) and Federal Health Architecture (FHA) area in the HIMSS 2012 Interoperability Showcase!

ONC and FHA are looking to highlight cutting-edge interoperable health information exchange at HIMSS 2012, with a focus on ONC-related initiatives, including:

  • Nationwide Health Information Network
  • Direct Project
  • State HIE Programs
  • S&I Framework
  • SHARP Program
  • Regional Extension Centers
  • Beacon Communities

All nominated demonstrations must include interoperable health information exchange among at least three end user organizations. End users include healthcare organizations (hospitals, clinics, state or federal agencies, etc.) and health information exchanges, not health IT vendors or IT service providers. All demonstrations must be live. No canned demonstrations or static presentations will be considered.

A panel of ONC staff will evaluate all nominations and determine which nominated demonstrations will be included within the ONC/FHA area of the Interoperability Showcase. Only nominations directly related to ONC programs will be considered. Nominations are due October 26th at 5:00 p.m. ET, and the determination of who will be included will be made by November 2nd.

Your nomination must include: a description of the proposed demonstration including a description of the link to an ONC/FHA initiative (maximum 200 words), the list of all organizations participating in the demonstration, and contact information for the group.

There will be a cost for participating in this area of the Interoperability Showcase in line with the cost of participating in the Showcase at large. More details about these costs will be shared with the selected demonstrators in advance of your having to make a final commitment about participation.