New Book: 120 Milestones Mark the “Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine"

Press Release | FON Consulting, XYMOGEN | December 7, 2016

FON Consulting and XYMOGEN Present Historical Publication Documenting Industry's Convergence in Health Creation

Silver Spring, Maryland (PRWEB) December 07, 2016 -- A confluence of multiple streams over five decades has empowered the emergence of integrative health and medicine as the coming model for health care’s future. An outline of the field’s rich history is captured for the first time in “The Rise of Integrative Health and Medicine: The Milestones—1963 to Present.”

The beautifully illustrated and designed book of over 120 short elements, was published by FON Consulting in partnership with XYMOGEN®, and drawn principally from the work of the field’s leading chronicle, The Integrator Blog News & Reports. The book is available in hard copy or as an e-book on the FON and XYMOGEN websites.

“A popular movement that was once obscure is now increasingly embraced by tens of millions of health consumers, as well as academic medicine and hospitals, and recognized as a convergent force with value-based medicine and the Triple Aim,” states FON's founder and director Glenn Sabin, who conceived the project. “We developed Rise to both celebrate and educate at this moment of convergence.”

The accessible format provides newcomers and veterans the opportunity to quickly gain awareness of key developments over the past 50 years in publication of research, professional formation, collaborative engagement, mainstream recognition, and policy breakthroughs. The time frame begins with the “cultural amniotic stew” of the ’60s according to a phrase in the introduction by Integrator Blog publisher-editor and the field’s de facto historian, John Weeks. Key developments include:

  • In the short 1977-80 time-frame, professionals separately founded multiple organizations to advance the whole person ideas of holistic doctors, holistic nurses, naturopathic physicians, the modern herb industry, wellness, mindfulness, and patient-centered care.
  • A single study in 1993 opened the minds of elected officials, medical directors, insurance companies and members of the media to a then still underground movement, birthing from “alternative medicine” to the “integrative” process.
  • From 2001-04, the new opportunities fostered formation of powerful collaboratives of philanthropists, of academics, and of policy interests that drove multiple advances over the ensuing decade and a half.
  • By 2013, former Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services administrator Don Berwick, MD is calling the nation’s major delivery organizations to embrace a future of health creation—and is citing as his mentors key integrative health leaders.

Sabin engaged veteran integrative health writer Taylor Walsh and consulted with Weeks to assemble the chronology. The publication was made possible via a partnership with XYMOGEN, a leading, family-owned health sciences company that manufactures innovative dietary supplements for health professionals.

XYMOGEN CEO Brian Blackburn explains his interest: “There is power for each of us who wish to create a health-focused system in seeing that our individual contributions are recognized. At XYMOGEN we have thrived through our pioneering work and commitment to excellence. To be able to recognize those that stood before us—many of whom share our core values—is an incredible opportunity to pay it forward. Our participation in Rise reflects our gratitude to those who have made a difference—and to those that continue the inexorable march of integrative and functional medicine as tomorrow’s standard of care.”

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