LivingMatrix Launches Practitioner Research Network to Expand and Advance Published Evidence Base for Functional Medicine

Press Release | LivingMatrix | May 24, 2018

Cloud-based Health Information Technology Company Launches Preeminent Research Network in the Field of Personalized and Functional Medicine

May 24, 2018 -- RICHMOND, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--LivingMatrix, a health information technology company dedicated to broadening access to functional medicine by enhancing the operating efficiency of practitioners, today announced the launch of the LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network (LM-PRN), a practice-based research network developed to advance the study and research of functional approaches to chronic disease.

The LM-PRN allows practitioners to be efficiently matched with research organizations based on study needs and applies standardized outcome measures to further build the published evidence base for the application of functional medicine in the treatment of chronic disease.

“Though functional medicine is arguably one of the fastest-growing areas of medicine and is well-established as a science-based clinical approach, we recognize the opportunity to expand and advance the published evidence base for personalized and functional medicine,” said Priya Kamani, Founder and CEO of LivingMatrix. “Our goal is to match seasoned practitioners with research organizations and industry partners to make the research process efficient and effective.”

“This is a critical moment for functional medicine, as our innovators and thought leaders work to shape healthcare in the United States and around the world,” said Amy R. Mack, Chief Executive Officer of the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM). “It is essential to strengthen and grow the evidence base to demonstrate the effectiveness of functional medicine in identifying and treating the root cause of chronic conditions and diseases. Proving both the clinical and economic value for patients is also critical.”

A Game-Changing Tool to Further the Field of Functional Medicine

The LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network will play an integral role in catalyzing the evidence base to demonstrate functional medicine’s effectiveness in identifying and treating the root cause of chronic conditions and diseases—proving both the clinical and economic value for patients.

Through the LM-PRN, practitioners can:

  • Access clinical trials sponsored by industry partners advancing functional medicine evidence
  • Find expert assistance in the development and publication of case reports from their practice
  • Access a highly-customizable research platform to execute a wide range of study designs and partner-specific study protocols
  • Innovate how real-world data is collected and presented to drive utility to practitioners and patients
  • Track improvements of overall patient health status and clinical course with validated research instruments
  • Promote expert-credentialed status on the LivingMatrix platform

The LM-PRN addresses challenges to effective research by providing the efficient identification of suitable practices and practitioners based on study needs; practitioner adherence to the functional medicine model; standardized data collection and built-in patient-reported outcomes measures, such as PROMIS-10; and customizable options for study forms and reports—all on a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform.

An Updated Platform for the Specific Needs of Functional Medicine Practitioners

In tandem with the debut of LM-PRN, the LivingMatrix platform has been enhanced to facilitate the collection and visualization of objective measures, metrics and diagnostics for clinical care and for research, including:

  • Incorporation of PROMIS-10 Global Health Measures into the application
  • Trending and visualization of the Multiple Symptom Questionnaire (MSQ) scores to provide objective measures of patient progress over time
  • Tracking and visualization of vitals and key metrics like weight, BMI and blood pressure
  • A medication and supplement timeline that allows easy visual tracking of medications and supplements
  • Lab integration beta, which allows practices to order labs and receive results through LivingMatrix

“Evidence-based and clinically proven, functional medicine is driving critical systems changes,” added Mack. “We are enthusiastic about the potential for the LivingMatrix Practitioner Research Network to contribute significantly to this work.”

Research organizations or industry participants interested in conducting research studies utilizing the LM-PRN or applying for membership can contact Dr. Priya Kamani at [email protected].

Practitioners interested in joining the network can visit

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