CCHF Unveils Book Warning of "the Dangers of Electronic Health Records" at the FreedomFest 2018 Conference

Press Release | Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) | July 11, 2018

Book by Twila Brase Exposes Dangers of Electronic Health Records and How the Government Imposes a Command & Control Surveillance System

ST. PAUL, Minn.—Health care has already found its way into the narrative surrounding President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, announced less than 48 hours ago. But regardless of how SCOTUS may impact future health care policy, there are real threats to patients today, including third-party controls over care, surveillance, data collection and privacy invasions—much of it through electronic health record (EHR) systems found in a majority of doctor’s offices and hospitals around the country.

A new, groundbreaking book from Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF) will expose how the mandated, government-certified EHR technology (CEHRT) has negatively affected both doctors and patients.

Twila Brase, RN, PHNWritten by CCHF president and co-founder Twila Brase, RN, PHN, and published by Beaver’s Pond Press, Big Brother in the Exam Room: The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Health Recordsis available beginning today at and

Brase’s extensively researched work shows how and why Congress forced doctors and hospitals to install a data-collecting, command and control surveillance system in the exam room. It also includes the impact of EHRs on privacy, patient care, costs, patient safety and more, according to doctors and more than 125 studies.

“‘Big Brother in the Exam Room’ is unlike any other book ever written,” Brase said. “Privacy rights protect freedom. When Congress mandated that doctors and hospitals buy government-certified electronic health records and use them the way government wants them used, the plan was to take over the health care system. Computerized patient data is being used to build dossiers, intrude on private lives, control treatment decisions and ration care. Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom hopes many will put ‘Big Brother in the Exam Room’ on their summer reading lists because it includes actionable steps back to freedom.”

This week, Brase is unveiling “Big Brother in the Exam Room” at FreedomFest 2018 at the Paris Resort Las Vegas. Brase will be a part of several panels and will introduce the book to fellow freedom-loving patriots who recognize that rights also extend to health care:

  • July 12, 4:20 p.m. PT: Panel: “Getting Around the Government Healthcare Nightmare: Market-Driven Solutions You Can Adopt Now:” Twila Brase and representatives from Liberty Healthshare, The Heartland Institute and The Drs. Wolfson
  • July 13, 10:30 a.m. PT: Meet the Authors:Twila Brase along with Steve Forbes, Hunter Hastings, Matt Kibbe, Yeonmi Park, Daniel Parsons, John Prevas and Barry Strauss (book signings and sales)
  • July 13, 3 p.m. PT: Panel: “Time to Panic! How Business, Government and Even Your Doctor are Surveilling You, Mining Your Data and Why It Is So Dangerous for You;”Twila Brase with Steve Sanchez, Terry Easton, Rep. Tom Garrett and John Iannarelli

FreedomFest featured speakers also include George F. Will of The Washington Post; Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News Channel; Steve Forbes of Forbes Media; Dr. Keith Ablow, forensic psychiatrist; Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School; Lisa Kennedy of Fox Business; and U.S. Senator Mike Lee, among many others.

For more information about CCHF, visit, its Facebook page or its Twitter feed @CCHFreedom. Read more about “Big Brother in the Exam Room” here, and view the media page for CCHF here. For more about CCHF’s free-market, cash-based care initiative, The Wedge of Health Freedom, visit, The Wedge Facebook page or follow The Wedge on Twitter @wedgeoffreedom.