CAV Systems


Established in 1979, CAV Systems Ltd is a leading Israeli software company, engaged in development and deployment of enterprise applications - ERP, banking, and tourism. CAV Systems today has a staff of over 80 people of which more than half are IT professionals. The company has always striven to use cutting edge, open standards, and for over a decade has been a pioneer in adopting web architecture and Java technology.

Amongst CAV's latest developments are SmartSale - a smartphone-based mobile solution for distributors and Evolve - a comprehensive framework for automated migration from MUMPS/Caché to relational databases such as Oracle®, DB2, SQL Server and more. CAV Systems has completed several successful pilot projects related to the conversion of the open source VistA electronic health record (EHR) systems software and file structures from MUMPS to Java and relational database file structures.

MUMPS/Caché Programming and Consulting

CAV Systems has several hundreds of man-years of MUMPS/Caché development in it's resume, beginning back in 1979. These were used to program complex systems such as CAV ERP, CAV Credit and e-Tops. But in the last 15 years CAV has also incorporated modern technologies such as Java™, RDBMS and RoR. This fusion of legacy technologies and modern ones, by professionals who are experts in both, is the power behind the Evolve Suite.

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