CAV Systems Announces Relational Database Replicator for FileMan MUMPS Databases

Press Release | CAV Systems | November 6, 2014

“Near Real Time” Relational DB Replication for VistA, CHCS and RPMS

Caesarea, Israel – November 7, 2014: CAV Systems Ltd, a leading Israeli software company, recently completed development of FileMan Replicator, a software solution that creates and continuously updates a relational database replica of MUMPS databases, either Caché or GT.M,  that are managed by the FileMan Database Management System.

Three of the largest healthcare networks in the United States use electronic health record (EHR) systems that are based on Fileman. These networks include the medical system of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the largest healthcare system in the US. The VA runs on the VistA EHR system. In addition the Military Health System (MHS) which provides medical care for US military personnel and their families uses the CHCS EHR as the backbone of their healthcare system. The Indian Health Service (IHS) which provides medical care for several million American Indians and Alaska Natives uses the RPMS EHR, a derivative of VistA.

replicatorReplicatorAn initial implementation of the Replicator was deployed in mid-2014, by the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, to extract data from their FileMan-based Clinical Trials System (PDMS). The data was exported to an Oracle Data Vault for data analytics. The initial data mapping and replication of the MD Anderson MUMPS database was achieved using Evolve Data Migrator – one of the key components of CAV Systems’ Evolve Suite of “Relational from MUMPS” tools. The magnitude of the mapping and migration process can be gauged from the fact that the resulting Oracle database comprised 5,206 relational tables containing a total of 58,514 fields.

FileMan Replicator is compatible with both the Caché and GT.M versions of MUMPS as the source database. It can export data to multiple relational databases including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL and DB2 as the target database. It is suitable for use with any FileMan-based system and opens up new possibilities where having a live relational database replica of FileMan databases may be an attractive option.

An important benefit of FileMan Replicator is that, following the creation of the initial relational database replica, the production MUMPS/FileMan database is not impacted because the Fileman Replicator only needs read access to the journal. This means that individual patient data can be viewed “near real-time” using standard off-the-shelf software programs. In addition, by extracting patient data on a “near real-time” basis, production FileMan/MUMPS databases can be used for data interoperability and health data exchange as well as for use in big-data projects related to public health and bio-surveillance.

About CAV Systems Ltd

CAV Systems Ltd is engaged in the delivery of enterprise applications in the ERP, banking, and tourism sectors in its domestic markets and in the healthcare sector in the USA. The company’s extensive MUMPS experience spanning more than three decades is increasingly called upon by US healthcare institutions where effective bridging of MUMPS and relational databases is an essential requirement.


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