Tom Hickerson

Tom Hickerson is Senior EDC Manager at ClinCapture. He currently leads the development of ClinCapture as well as study build projects. ClinCapture is ClinCapture's world-class open source Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system. Tom has more than ten years’ experience on open source technologies for EDC systems. He was one the first developers of OpenClinica, which is the open source code base that makes up ClinCapture. He worked on all aspects of the software development life cycle within this project, from project planning to development, and from end-user to enterprise client support.

Prior to ClinCapture, Tom also worked in various roles at Harvard University, and was one of 36 students to complete ArsDigita University in 2001, an open source educational project designed to simulate a Computer Science degree curriculum from MIT.  His bachelor's degree was in Russian from UT-Austin, and included a year abroad at the Herzen Institute in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.