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Veterans Health Administration Launches Mobile Healthcare Initiatives

Greg Slabodkin | FierceMobileHealthcare | May 12, 2013

[...] To better address the medical needs of today's veterans, the VHA has launched a number of mobile healthcare initiatives. Neil Evans, M.D., and Kathleen Frisbee, MPH, Ph.D.c, who co-direct the VHA's Connected Health Office, spoke with FierceMobileHealthcare about the agency's mHealth pilot programs. Read More »

Veterans Journal: Retirees Spend 27% Less On Health Under TRICARE

George W. Reilly | Providence Journal | August 11, 2013

According to the Congressional Budget Office, military retirees spend 27 percent less for health care under TRICARE, the Defense Department’s managed-care provider, than they did when the program began in 1996. Read More »

Veterans Outreach Project To Spend $1 Million On Facebook Ads This Year

Joseph Marks | Nextgov | July 18, 2013

A Veterans Affairs Department outreach campaign that spent $2 million on Facebook advertising last year plans to spend an additional $1 million this year, VA officials said on Thursday. Read More »

Veterans Still Face Disproportionate Unemployment

Geoff Whiting | FierceGovernment | November 8, 2012

Despite fedeal assistance programs amounting to $12 billion during the last fiscal, veterans who served after Sept. 2001 are disproportionately unemployed, says the Congressional Research Report. A large reason for that may be the relative youth of the recent veteran population, the report says. Read More »

Veterans Still In Fight – With VA

Kathleen Miller | The Journal Gazette | November 13, 2012

With as many as 1 million troops due to become veterans in the next five years, on top of the 22.3 million already in the system, the agency is staggering under backlogs in disability compensation claims, bottlenecks in mental health care and criticism over a general lack of accountability.

Read More »

Veterans Win Mixed Ruling On Exposure To Chemicals

Bob Egelko | SFGate | July 25, 2013

Thousands of military veterans who were exposed to chemicals during decades of secret weapons testing are entitled to up-to-date government information about possible health hazards but can't get government-funded health care outside the Department of Veterans Affairs system, a federal judge in Oakland has ruled. Read More »

Veterans With PTSD Caught In The System

Reba Glidewell | | July 29, 2013

An unfortunate industry trend on the rise is the number of veterans involved in the criminal justice system – approximately 10 percent of people who are incarcerated at any one time are estimated to be veterans. [...] Read More »

Veterans Without VA Health Care Eligible For Medicaid Through Obamacare

Esther Bergdahl | Medill Reports: Chicago | June 5, 2013

When Daniel Cruz left the U.S. Marine Corps in August 2006, he became one of thousands of Illinois veterans without health insurance, despite being eligible for coverage through the Department of Veterans Affairs. Read More »

Veterans' Uphill Road Back, Struggle With Suicide

Steven R. Hurst | Tri-City Herald | June 24, 2013

Five years ago, Joe Miller, then an Army Ranger captain with three Iraq tours under his belt, sat inside his home near Fort Bragg holding a cocked Beretta 40mm, and prepared to kill himself. Read More »

Veterans’ Disability Compensation Claims Go Electronic

Kimberly Nelson | ABC 4 Utah | June 25, 2013

Rather than having to wait for years for disability compensation claims decisions, veterans now have access to an automated system that speeds up the process. Read More »

Veterans’ Health Care Has Evolved With The Times, Medical Director Says

C. Benjamin Ford | | November 9, 2012

The Department of Veterans Affairs’ medical system has had to evolve with the changing population of veterans, from aging World War II-era soldiers to a new influx of veterans from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars and to more female veterans than ever. Read More »

Vets Hit VA, DoD For Ditching Records Project

Bryant Jordan | | February 28, 2013

Leaders of several of the country's veterans' service organizations told lawmakers on Thursday that they need to push the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense to keep going with a plan to integrate the medical records of troops and veterans. Read More »

Vets Need Help Moving Into Tech Careers After Military Service

Brittany Ballenstedt | Nextgov | June 10, 2013

Helping military veterans return to civilian life has been the focus of several new programs [...]. But there is at least one area where veterans could use some help, particularly when it comes to transitioning to tech careers: learning how to translate their skills into civilian jobs, one expert said Friday. Read More »

Vets Views: VA Health Care Web Application Give Immediate Access To Medical Files

Greg Remus | Park Rapids Enterprise | November 10, 2012

The VA has developed an incredible personalized Health Care Web application. Recently the VA revamped the My HealtheVet site. This site is amazing! Now veterans have immediate access to their VA medical information and more. Read More »

VFW Disgusted With Elected Leadership

Staff Writer | Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) | October 9, 2013

The nation’s oldest and largest war veterans’ organization is disgusted with the partisan bickering and government paralysis caused by a White House and Congress who will not budge from their ideological extremes in order to properly take care of America’s true heroes. Read More »