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3 for Design, Business and External Projects

Erik Hersman | Ushahidi Blog | February 15, 2012

Every once in a while I get to write a blog post smiling the whole time. This is one of them, because I’m updating our community on the addition of three incredibly talented individuals to the Ushahidi core team. Read More »

An Interview with Ushahidi’s Juliana Rotich

Staff Writer | Nagpur Entrepreneur | June 11, 2012

When there is a major catastrophe, ordinary sources of news and public information are unavailable. However, it is extremely important to get real time updates about the situation not only to control the catastrophe but also to help populations cope with such a crisis. Ushahidi is doing exactly that by using software.

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Happy Holidays From Ushahidi!

Juliana Rotich | Ushahidi | December 21, 2012

First, just in time for the holidays, we have the free Ushahidi iOS app now available for download in the itunes store. Dale Zak put a lot of time and love into the app, releasing the SDK and integrating the fantastic work of The OpenGeoSMS team. Why OpenGeoSMS? So you can collect reports when the internet is not available, for example during a disaster situation or have intermittent connectivity. Read More »

Stigmergic Self-Organization And The Improvisation Of Ushahidi

Staff Writer | manwithoutqualities | April 10, 2013

In late 2007 in Kenya, US educated Kenyan journalist Ory Okolloh had become one of the main sources of information about the election and the violence that broke out soon after... Read More »

SwiftRiver Throws a Lifeline to People Drowning in Information

Erik Hersman | PBS | December 9, 2011

There's a problem that constantly plagues us in this day of information overload, and that is the ability to sift the stream of incoming information into the bits that are valuable from those that aren't. It's a tough issue that we've been working on at Ushahidi for a while now. Our solution is called SwiftRiver.

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This Little Black Box Could Revolutionize Offgrid Internet Access

Derek Markham | Treehugger | December 23, 2013

Most of our readers have no problem getting on the internet every day for communication or research or sharing LOLcats, but if you live or work in areas that don't have reliable internet access due to lack of basic communications or power infrastructure, that simple access that we take for granted can be quite difficult. Read More »

Ushahidi At Five

Erik Hersman | Ushahidi | February 6, 2013

Ushahidi is 5 years old. What started as an ad hoc group of bloggers and technologists scrambling to make sense of the madness that our country was falling into has become a global organization and platform. There was no way we could foresee what would happened in the intervening years...40,000+ deployments of the software in 159 countries means that we did something right. Read More »

Ushahidi Being Used To Assist Kenya Carpools

Staff Writer | HumanIPO | December 3, 2012

Ushahidi, a Kenyan non-profit organisation specialising in free and open source software, has aided the Kenyan carpool Twitter surge by creating a crowdmap to capture, categorise, geo locate and visualise as many tweets as possible. Read More »

Weekly: Uchaguzi, Community Dev Live Meetup

Heather Leson | Ushahidi | January 17, 2013

Happy Week from Nairobi! We have updates about Uchaguzi and the upcoming Community Developer call. Read More »