Weekly: Uchaguzi, Community Dev Live Meetup

Heather Leson | Ushahidi | January 17, 2013

Happy Week from Nairobi! We have updates about Uchaguzi and the upcoming Community Developer call.

Pause. A room full of creative, dedicated, smart people gather. Their mission: to build a strong offline and online campaign of citizen voices for the upcoming Kenyan elections. Planning is key to any Ushahidi project. We’re excited to share this journey with our local and global community.

At last night’s event, we did a group map perception infographic exercise to get folks connected to the whole country and consider how we need to rethink location and outreach as we prepare for the elections.

Uchaguzi Mission

Uchaguzi is a partnership; a joint initiative between Ushahidi and SODNET who are building partnerships with civil society, the electoral commission, election observers group, peace networks, youth networks, global digital community through the Standby Task Force, law enforcement agencies, international organizations, diplomatic missions. These partnerships are the strength of the platform...