Surface Pro

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An Unflattering Comparison For Microsoft Surface

Evan Niu | The Motley Fool | March 13, 2013

Software giant Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ) has never had a good track record with consumer hardware. That's why the company's departure from its modus operandi with Surface is such a big deal. Read More »

Microsoft Aims To Take On iPad In Health Care

Zina Moukheiber | Forbes | July 1, 2013

When internist Nitin Patel called up Microsoft MSFT +0.15% in May to rave about its Surface Pro tablet, Dennis Schmuland, the company’s head of health strategy for U.S. Health & Life Sciences, was taken aback... Read More »

Microsoft’s Surface Pro Tablet Is Almost Impossible To Fix

Doug Drinkwater | TabTimes | February 13, 2013

Keep your fingers crossed you don’t break your Surface Pro, because the Intel-powered tablet is almost impossible to repair, according to a new teardown. Read More »