Richard Poynder

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Open Access Juggernaut Hits London

Stephen Curry | Reciprocal Space | September 21, 2012

Everyone’s talking about open access (OA). It has been a year of dramatic developments in the drive to liberate access to the research literature and the blogosphere is buzzing with excited chatter. Read More »

Open Access: Springer Tightens Rules On Self-Archiving

Richard Poynder | Open and Shut? | June 25, 2013

Last month Danny Kingsley — Executive Officer of the Australian Open Access Support Group (AOASG) — highlighted a number of publishers that have recently changed their self-archiving (Green OA) policies. Amongst those named by Kingsley was Springer [...]. Read More »

The Open Access Schism: Recapitulating Open Source?

Glyn Moody | ComputerWorld UK | September 4, 2014

...It seems that the open access world has just entered the schism phase that mirrors the similar split between those espousing "free software", and those who resolutely call it "open source."  This most recent development is captured in yet another brilliant contribution from the unofficial chronicler of the open access world, Richard Poynder...

Read More »