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Trauma and Technology: New Tools Teach Veterans, Clinicians about PTSD

Chelsea Conaboy | | August 20, 2012

The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs are developing a host of tools online and on smartphones to help veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder. I wrote in today’s Globe about some of the new technologies, including an online treatment program for people with PTSD symptoms and heavy alcohol use designed by Boston researchers. Read More »

UC Davis Health System Health Policy Leaders Named to "Let's Get Healthy California" Task Force

Press Release | UC Davis Health System, Let's Get Healthy California Task Force | June 5, 2012

Joy Melinikow and Kenneth W. Kizer, physicians at UC Davis Health System and national leaders in health policy and research, have been appointed to the Let's Get Healthy California Task Force, a group established in response to Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr.'s executive order of May 3 to develop a 10-year plan to make Californians healthier.

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UC Davis Health System Partners with State to Direct World-renowned California Cancer Registry

Press Release | UC Davis Health System | June 26, 2012

The University of California Davis Health System announced today that it will partner with the California Department of Public Health to run the day-to-day operations of the California Cancer Registry, one of the world's leading resources for population-based data on cancer. Read More »

UK Open-Access Route Too Costly, Report Says

Richard Van Noorden | Nature | September 10, 2013

The UK government's favoured route to open-access publishing puts unacceptable strains on research budgets at a time of funding shortages, says a parliamentary report released today. It also calls for more transparency and competition in the costs of publishing research. Read More »

UK Research Funders Announce Liberated Open-access Policy

Richard Van Noorden | Nature | July 16, 2012

From April 2013, science papers must be made free to access within six months of publication if they come from work paid for by one of the United Kingdom’s seven government-funded grant agencies, the research councils, which together spend about £2.8 billion (US$4.4 billion) each year on research. Read More »

What Are You Doing For Open Access Week?

April Glaser | Electronic Frontier Foundation | October 18, 2014

This Monday, October 20 marks the first day of Open Access Week, an international event that celebrates the wide-ranging benefits of enabling open access to information and research–as well as the dangerous costs of keeping knowledge locked behind publisher paywalls. This year's theme is Generation Open...

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What Is NASA Doing With Big Data Today?

Nick Skytland | | October 4, 2012

Our data is one of our most valuable assets, and its strategic importance in our research and science is huge. We are committed to making our data as accessible as possible, both for the benefit of our work and for the betterment of humankind through the innovation and creativity of the over seven billion other people on this planet who don’t work at NASA. Read More »

Where Life Has Meaning: Poor, Religious Countries

Julie Beck | The Atlantic | January 10, 2014

Research indicates that lack of religion is a key reason why people in wealthy countries don't feel a sense of purpose. Read More »

Why Open Drug Discovery Needs Four Simple Rules For Licensing Data And Models

Antony J. Williams, John Wilbanks, and Sean Ekins | PLoS Computational Biology | September 27, 2012

As we see a future of increased database integration, the licensing of the data may be a hurdle that hampers progress and usability. We have formulated four rules for licensing data for open drug discovery, which we propose as a starting point for consideration by databases and for their ultimate adoption. Read More »

Why We Need More Open Source Medicines

Tracy Kolenchuk | Wake Up World | September 24, 2012

Two thousand five hundred years ago, Hippocrates said “Let food by thy medicine, and let medicine be your food.” The concept of “open source” had not been invented, but Hippocrates was talking about “open source medicines”. Read More »

Will Obama’s New $100m Brain Mapping Project Be Open Access?

Jonathan Gray | Open Knowledge Foundation Blog | April 4, 2013

On Tuesday President Obama unveiled a new $100 million research initiative to map the human brain. Read More »