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Opinion: 'Teach Young People To Be Innovative'

Roberta B. Ness | CNN | September 24, 2012

The world has an insatiable appetite for innovation. To feed this desire for technologic and scientific breakthroughs, nations invest in our celebrated universities. Tax and tuition dollars go to educate students -- the next generation of open-minded thinkers -- but also toward fostering research. After all, academia is the quintessential innovation incubator. Isn't it? Read More »

Promoting Shared Hardware Design

Tal Nawy | Nature | June 27, 2013

Now is the time to move open-source hardware development into basic research labs. Read More »

Publication Liberation

Connor Emdin | The Varsity | August 25, 2012

Making academic publications freely available to researchers and curious students should be standard practice... Read More »

Queensland Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Centre Selects OpenClinica Enterprise Clinical Trial Software

Press Release | The Queensland Clinical Trials & Biostatistics Centre (QCTBC), OpenClinica® | September 4, 2012

OpenClinica...announces that the Clinical Trials and Biostatistics Centre at the University of Queensland School of Population Health has selected OpenClinica Enterprise as their electronic data capture and clinical data management platform of choice.
Read More »

Rita Gardner Reflects On Open Access And Learned Societies

British Academy | Socialsciencespace | July 2, 2013

Learned societies are a fundamental part of the research ecology, providing a substantial intellectual, public and reputational good, at minimal cost to the UK public purse. Read More »

SAGE's Open Access Medicine And Engineering Journals: Now Open For Submissions

Press Release | EurekAlert! | October 24, 2012

SAGE today announced that all three of their latest open access journals are now open for submissions – SAGE Open Medicine, SAGE Open Medical Case Reports and SAGE Open Engineering. Read More »

Save The Date: Oct. 21 Open Access Week 2013 Kick Off Event At The World Bank And Online: Redefining Impact

Andrea Higginbotham | Open Access Week | July 24, 2013

SPARC (The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) and the World Bank have announced they will co-sponsor the kickoff event for Open Access Week 2013 on Monday October 21st in Washington, DC. Read More »

Scary Science, National Security, and Open-Source Research

Maggie Koerth-Baker | Boing Boing | January 13, 2012

I've been following the story about the scientists who have been working to figure out how H5N1 bird flu might become transmissible from human to human, the controversial research they used to study that question, and the federal recommendations that are now threatening to keep that research under wraps. Read More »

Silicon Valley, Meet Innovation From Great Rift Valley

Steve Hamm | ReadWrite | February 11, 2013

Across Africa, an innovation culture is starting to emerge. In Kenya, PesaPal piggybacks on the popular M-PESA mobile payments service, enabling Kenyans to buy and sell on the Internet. Tanzania's Techno Brain is selling software for managing businesses in 13 countries. And South Africa's Cobi Interactive... is developing popular applications for smart phones. Read More »

Springer To Publish New Open Access Journal With The Korean Society For Micro And Nano Systems

Press Release | Springer Science+Business Media | November 8, 2012

Beginning in March 2013, Springer and the Korean Society for Micro and Nano Systems will partner to publish a new interdisciplinary journal Micro and Nano Systems Letters (MNSL). As a fully sponsored open access journal, it will be part of the SpringerOpen portfolio, available on Read More »

Student-Faculty Research Shows Oreos Are Just As Addictive As Drugs In Lab Rats

Press Release | Connecticut College | October 15, 2013

Connecticut College students and a professor of psychology have found “America’s favorite cookie” is just as addictive as cocaine – at least for lab rats. And just like most humans, rats go for the middle first. Read More »

TB or Not TB: India Crowdsources Research

Jason Overdorf | GlobalPost | July 11, 2012

Facing nearly 2 million new tuberculosis cases every year — more and more of them drug-resistant — India has a bigger stake in finding a better treatment for TB than any other country. Read More »

The First National Open Access Conference In Uganda

Press Release | Consortium of Uganda University Libraries (CUUL), Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) | July 1, 2013

The Consortium of Uganda University Libraries (CUUL) in partnership with EIFL and the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) organised the first national conference on “Open access (OA), knowledge sharing and sustainable scholarly communication in Uganda” on May 21, 2013 at the Silver Springs Hotel, Kampala. Read More »

The Local Journal, The African Researcher And The Article-Level Metric

Allan Mwesiga | PLoS | July 17, 2012

In the third post of a short series reflecting on last month’s Getting in the Access Loop webinar organised by the Humanitarian Centre, HIFA2015 and PLoS, Allan Mwesiga from the Pan African Medical Journal discusses the role of the local journal in the internet age. Read More »

The Open API Universe At NASA

Nick Skytland | | September 19, 2012

NASA has a LOT of interesting data. NASA’s commitment to open data expands the audience for the vast body of knowledge captured in nearly 100 years of U.S. aeronautics and space data....One way that NASA data can be made more available online is through an “application programming interface” or API. Read More »