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Open Access: 'We No Longer Need Expensive Publishing Networks'

Rupert Gatti | The Guardian | November 8, 2012

Higher education institutions need to recognise the changing world of publishing, says Rupert Gatti – it's time for academics to take matters into their own hands Read More »

Open Source Android Thermostat

Mike Szczys | Hack A Day | October 13, 2012

Put that old Android phone to good use by mounting it on the wall as a smart thermostat. This open source hardware and software project lets you replace your home’s thermostat with an Android device which adds Internet connectivity and all that comes with the increase in computing power. Read More »

Open Source Hardware Development Board Lil’ Nardo Is The Focus Of New Fundraiser On Kickstarter

Press Release | Myownduino | February 19, 2014

Augustine DiCiacce, Cyril Moore and Dan Ward, founders of Myownduino, have recently launched a fundraiser on the Kickstarter website that is designed to raise money for the development of an open source hardware mini development board called the Lil’ Nardo. Read More »

Open Source Is Taking Over The Software World, Survey Says

Katherine Noyes | Computerworld | April 18, 2013

It's been only a few weeks since the Linux Foundation released its report that enterprise use of Linux continues to rise, but on Wednesday fresh data came out that suggests the same is true of open source software in general. Read More »

Open vs Closed EHR Systems With Jonathan Bush

John Lynn | EMR & HIPAA | June 7, 2013

Yesterday I had a video interview scheduled with Jonathan Bush from athenahealth. [...] [There] was a system wide problem and so we were unable to broadcast the interview. However, Jonathan and I were able to see each other and so we just did a more traditional interview about the subject of open vs closed EHR systems. Read More »

Practice Survival Hinges On New Models, Technology

Debra Beaulieu | FiercePracticeManagement | July 25, 2012

Yet another report--this one released by the Physicians Foundation--paints a bleak picture for the future of physician practices as we know them. Read More »

Presidential Innovation Fellows Get Private And Public Sectors To Collaborate

Justine Brown | GovTech | June 10, 2013

When the Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) program launched last summer, it elicited a great deal of interest from both the public and private sectors. The unique initiative represents the first time the federal government has asked for help from the private sector in such a specific way and provided a vehicle to accomplish it. Read More »

Price Doesn't Always Buy Prestige In Open Access

Zoë Corbyn | Nature | January 22, 2013

The open-access journals that charge the most aren't necessarily the most influential, an online interactive tool suggests. The freely accessible tool, launched earlier this month, shows that a journal's fees do not correlate particularly strongly with its influence, as measured by a citation-based index. Read More »

Price Transparency Could Lower Costs In The ED

Julie Bird | FierceHealthcare | February 28, 2013

Price transparency can educate emergency department providers about the cost to patients when they undergo procedures--and, as a result, help hospitals address inefficiencies that drive up costs, conclude researchers from the University of California, San Francisco. Read More »

Rackspace CEO: 'We're Playing a Different Game' than Amazon

Derrick Harris | GigaOM | July 31, 2012

The Rackspace Cloud is now based fully on the open source OpenStack platform. I recently spoke with CEO Lanham Napier, who discussed how his company doesn’t necessarily see Amazon Web Services as a direct competitor, and how OpenStack is changing his company’s entire business. Read More »

Red Hat CEO: Go Ahead, Copy Our Software

Matt Asay | ReadWrite | August 13, 2013

While most companies fight copycats, Red Hat embraces its top clone, CentOS. Here's how that helps it fight real enemies like VMware. Read More »

Rewriting The Journal

Michelle Fredette | Campus Technology | August 28, 2012

With faculty balking at the high price of traditional academic journals, can other digital publishing options get traction? Read More »

Rise Of The Machines

Michael T. Burr | Fortnightly | August 1, 2013

This term “transactive grid” suddenly is getting a lot of attention. It seems the vacuum left by the late, great “smart grid” (ca.2004-2012) demands to be filled. So here comes another inscrutable buzzword to excite sales people, confuse politicians, and annoy engineers. Read More »

Single Payer Is Needed Cure

Jack Bernard | Charlotte Observer | June 10, 2013

After spending 25 years in the health care field, most of it related to making hospitals more efficient and effective, I have become skeptical of many of Washington’s reform efforts, especially by my party, the GOP. Read More »

Study: Brand Name Drugs Drive Up Medicare Spending

Ankita Rao | The Washington Post | June 11, 2013

A new study suggests that cash-strapped Medicare missed an opportunity to save more than $1 billion by not addressing the varying costs and use of prescription drugs. Read More »