Open Source Hardware Development Board Lil’ Nardo Is The Focus Of New Fundraiser On Kickstarter

Press Release | Myownduino | February 19, 2014

The Innovative Product is a Mini Development Board That Will Be Compatible With the Arduino Leonardo, says founders of Myownduino.

New York, NY (PRWEB) February 19, 2014

Augustine DiCiacce, Cyril Moore and Dan Ward, founders of Myownduino, have recently launched a fundraiser on the Kickstarter website that is designed to raise money for the development of an open source hardware mini development board called the Lil’ Nardo.

The innovative product will be compatible with the Arduino Leonardo. Unlike most other mini development boards, the Lil’ Nardo will not require a separate board for programming. In addition, noted the team from Myownduino, the Lil’ Nardo will be the only board of its size to have native USB.

The expression “good things come in small packages” definitely seems to be true for the Lil’ Nardo. Although it comes in a bite-sized package, the miniature board is affordable and expandable.

“We loved the ease of use of USB for the Arduino Leonardo,” noted the creators of the Lil’ Nardo, adding that they have strived to create a board that can provide that same functionality in a smaller package at a price point that allows users to leave their board in their project.

“All you need to program the Lil' Nardo is a USB cable. It programs exactly as you would a Leonardo. The Lil' Nardo doesn't require a special programming board to upload your sketch.”

In order to make the Lil’ Nardo compatible with full size shields, the creators have also built a special adapter board that will adapt it to the version R3 of the Arduino shield. Since the creators of the Lil’ Nardo appear to be on track to reach their fundraising goal, they have added a stretch goal of $7,500 that if reached, will allow them to give everyone who orders a Lil’ Nardo a breakout/prototyping shield.

Anybody who would like to learn more about the Lil’ Nardo is welcome to visit the project’s fundraising page on the Kickstarter website; there, people can read about the innovative development board and watch a video about how it will work, as well as how they will be rewarded for their contributions.

About the Lil’ Nardo:

Myownduino is a company started in upstate NY by Augustine DiCiacce, Cyril Moore, and Dan Ward. The small company hopes to advance the Arduino community to the next level with their products. The founders of the company recently launched a fundraising campaign on the Kickstarter website that will help to fund the production of the Lil’ Nardo, an open source, fully Arduino Leonardo compatible development board. For more information, please visit