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Incoming President Of IOM Outed As Member Of Boards Of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Medtronic And Pepsico

Roy M. Poses | Health Care Renewal | February 24, 2014

We just discussed how the new CEO of the National Quality Forum was revealed to be a member of the board of directors of Premier Inc, and discussed the implications of this apparently intense conflict of interest. Read More »

Is EHR Dissatisfaction Driving Future Investments In HIT?

Kyle Murphy | EHR Intelligence | June 4, 2014

Capital investments in health information technology and telecommunications continue to account for the largest portion of health system expenditures and are expected to remain sizeable through 2017, according to a survey of C-suite executives by Premier, Inc...

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Providers Increasingly Dissatisfied With EHRs Despite Heavy Investments, According To Premier, Inc. C-suite Survey

Press Release | Premier, Inc. | June 2, 2014

Providers nationwide project increased investments in healthcare information technology (HIT) and telecommunications solutions, as well as modern clinical equipment, according to Premier, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: PINC) spring 2014 Economic Outlook C-suite survey...

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