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Can Startups Save the NHS?

Staff Writer | Courier | November 25, 2016

A near-sacred institution, the NHS has spent little time out of the public psyche since its inception in 1948. Today, far from being a celebrated feat of public welfare, each day brings a barrage of stories of closing hospital A&Es, cuts in funding, huge debts and an ageing population. Faced by a heavy funding deficit, demands vastly different to when the service was conceived, and shifts in politics and ideology, many believe the NHS is itself strapped to a life support machine...

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Great Ormond Street Hospital Transfers Patient's Records Using 'Medical Facebook'

Sade Laja | The Guardian | September 16, 2011

Gastroenterology department uses online tool Patients Know Best to transfer a patient's medical history to another hospital

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Novartis Trials Patients Know Best

Jon Hoeksma | Ehi Industry | August 15, 2011

Pharmaceutical firm Novartis is to begin a post-market trial using the online patient-controlled personal health records service supplied by Patients Know Best. Post-market trials are conducted for drugs that have passed initial toxicity and effectiveness tests and received some regulatory approval. Read More »