Why Did Healthcare.gov's Source Code Mysteriously Vanish From Public View?

Greg Sandoval | The Verge | October 14, 2013

The site's front-end code is no longer available at Github

One of the few trouble-free areas on Healthcare.gov is the site's front end — the information pages where visitors can learn about health plans available under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). In contrast to the glitchy backend systems that have prevented many of the more than 14 million visitors from shopping for health insurance the past two weeks, the pages that provide information about the government's insurance marketplace were built on open-source code. Now, that code doesn't appear to be so open.

Word came over the weekend that the code had disappeared from Github, a popular service that hosts open-source projects. Since the code disappeared without explanation, there was plenty of speculation as to what might have happened. Some guessed it was sabotaged by Obamacare opponents, or maybe another glitch brought it down. Some wondered whether those in command had a change of heart about making the code public. [...]