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Feds: You Don't Need Permission To Innovate

Brittany Ballenstedt | Nextgov | October 22, 2013

Many front-line federal workers have long expressed their frustrations about working in an agency or office culture that stifles innovation. But government is now entering a new era where feds no longer have to file a memo to their boss with a new idea, only to receive the dreaded response, “But we’ve always done it this way.” Read More »

Five Characteristics Of An Open Source City

Jason Hibbets | GovLoop | June 26, 2013

How can you apply the concepts of open source to a living, breathing city? An open source city is a blend of open culture, open government policies, and economic development. Read More »

Five Ways Governments Can Encourage Civic Startups

Mark Headd | GovFresh | January 4, 2012

2012 is shaping up to be the “Year of the Civic Startup.” With the growth of the open government movement and more and more governments embracing open data, we see an increasing number of useful civic applications being developed. Every weekend hackathon spawns multiple projects that could potentially live on as a successful venture or company.

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Former Federal CIO Presses for Social Government

Joseph Marks | Nextgov | March 8, 2012

Kundra envisions a world where national, state and local governments will post computer code for custom-built applications to do everything from mapping potholes to processing health care data in a collaborative site similar to Salesforce's AppExchange. Technology officials in Chicago can then grab a pothole mapping app from San Francisco, New York or even New Delhi and retrofit it for their own needs without investing in a proprietary system.

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France Joins Open Government Partnership

Romain Dillet | Tech Crunch | April 24, 2014

French minister Marylise Lebranchu announced earlier today at the Paris Conference that France is joining the Open Government Partnership. It’s the logical next step following France’s work on open data and open government.

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France Votes to Expand Open Source Use

Jon Gold | Network World | October 21, 2015

French voters voiced strong support for a proposal that will see the country’s government expand the role of free and open-source software in a national referendum on technology called the Digital Republic bill. More than 147,000 people voted on the Digital Republic bill’s 662 accepted proposals, and two open-source measures were the second- and third-biggest vote getters.

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Genoa and Other Cities Increase Their Use of Open Source

Editor | The H Open | June 25, 2013

The Italian Municipality of Genoa has announced that it is to increase its use of free and open source software, hoping to save €100,000 a year according to a reportItalian language link on Italian news site Lettera 43. Read More »

Government as a Platform for Progress: HHS’s Open Government Plan

Mary K. Wakefield, Ph.D., RN | HHS Blog | October 6, 2016

One of the first actions President Obama took after taking office was to direct federal agencies to find new ways to increase transparency, collaboration and public engagement. Since then, one of our top priorities at HHS has been to make our Department more open and accountable to the people we serve. With the publication of our fourth HHS Open Government Plan, we’re building on our past performance in making government more transparent to the public and engaging in new ways of collaborating and partnering with our stakeholders.

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Government Hopes to Help Create New Solutions Through Data Release

Jordain Carney | infoZine | February 11, 2012

Government agencies will release data onto their websites instead of waiting for people to ask for it, Aneesh Chopra said at a panel discussion Wednesday. Chopra was the White House chief technology officer until Monday. “You don’t have to force someone to go find it by coming to Washington, even virtually,” he said.

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Government support of open source still falling short

Simon Phipps | InfoWorld | September 28, 2012

Two news items over the last week signalled to me that the benefits of open source, open data, and other artifacts of the meshed Internet society are making it through to policy makers. A new section of the White House website and a speech by a European Commission political prove that progress is under way. But when it comes to legal support, both stop short of advocating real open innovation...

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Help Us Develop Our New Open Gov Plan

Todd Park | | January 17, 2012

In January 2009, President Obama issued the Open Government Directive, calling for government agencies to take action to become more transparent, participatory, and collaborative. We issued “Version 1” of HHS’s Open Government Plan on April 7, 2010. Read More »

HHS CTO Susannah Fox Lays Out Her Communications Priorities

The public conversation about health and health care can be fast-paced and free-wheeling — words not often associated with the federal government. While we are not in control of the conversation, government workers can still listen and contribute to it. We can seed it with facts and ideas. We can respond to questions. We can be human, even as we maintain a thoughtful and focused public presence. All by leveraging the power of online communications. Parallels in other industries can guide us...

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HHS, DOT Start Open Government Plan Refresh

Molly Bernhart Walker | Fierce Government IT | January 23, 2012

Two federal agencies seek feedback to inform updates to their open government plans as the 2 year deadline for refreshing them comes due this spring. The Open Government Directive requires executive departments and agencies to update open government plans biennially, meaning refreshed plans should be unveiled no later than April 8, 2012. Read More »

How Andrew Krzmarzick Uses Open Source To Empower Citizens In Government

As the Community Manager of GovLoop—a highly active online community connecting more than 50,000 public sector professionals, including Federal CTO Todd Park—Andrew Krzmarzick suspects his role is pretty similar to leading an open source project. The open source way guides the company's decisions, communications, and interactions. And open source solutions enable them to empower citizens around the country (and the world!) who don't want to wait for their cities to make updates to a page or build apps and resources that makes their lives easier. Read More »

How Do You Measure the Value of Gov 2.0?

Luke Fretwell | Govfresh | February 25, 2012

Creating sustainable, meaningful civic contributions to government is something I’ve addressed before, and it’s something that continues to elude us in the form of civic applications and hackathons, despite the overwhelming attention given to each.

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