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Free as in Bach: Open Goldberg Variations Released

Robert Douglass | | June 11, 2012

The Kickstarter funded collaboration between Kimiko Ishizaka and MuseScore has released their new recording and score of Bach's Goldberg Variations into the public domain using the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licensing tool. This is just one of the ways in which revolutionizing the business of music.

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In The Digital Age, Science Publishing Needs An Upgrade (Op Ed)

11/27/2014 | LiveScience | November 27, 2014

Quick quiz, which is bigger: the global music industry or scientific publishing? You may be surprised to learn that the music industry racks up $15 billion each year in sales, whereas scientific publishing quietly brings in $19 billion...

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Open Thread: Microsoft Health's Big Advantage Is Cross-Platform Support

Stuart Dredge | The Guardian | October 31, 2014

Microsoft has been winning generally approving headlines for its Microsoft Band fitness tracker and accompanying Microsoft Health platform, since both were revealed – seemingly unintentionally at first – on Wednesday...

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Technology Is Destroying The Music Industry, Which Is Great For The Next Taylor Swift

Ian Morris | Forbes | November 17, 2014

...So how will technology kill the music industry then? Well, it will simply destroy the record label...

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