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Brooklyn Students Successfully Deploy Open Source Wi-Fi Network

Karen Veazey | TechZone360 | September 13, 2013

Every year I attend San Diego Comic Con and every year one of the biggest complaints among attendees is about connectivity. Particularly for those of us writing about the event, sitting in a room full of computer whizzes yet being unable to connect to the Wi-Fi to write an update is mind boggling. We may be getting some help from an unlikely place, an open source software project and a group of students in Brooklyn who are learning about mesh networking.

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Build Your Own Internet With Mobile Mesh Networking

Tom Simonite | MIT Technology Review | July 9, 2013

Software can let smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, and other hardware link up without centralized Internet service. Read More »

Emergency Mobile Networks Take Off On Model Planes

Richard Chirgwin | The Register | July 16, 2013

A project to turn mobile phones into mesh networks that can communicate if a catastrophe knocks out cellular infrastructure has been recognised with a $US10,000 prize from US Aid and Humanity United. Read More »

Ford Thinks Russian Space Robots Could Help Make Your Car Safer

Damon Lavrinc | Wired | August 21, 2013

...The communication system between the International Space Station and Earth is one of the most robust ever created. And that’s why Ford is tapping Russian researchers to learn how they maintain the flow of information to both the systems and their robot caretakers, and then apply it to create safer cars that talk to one another. Read More »

XO Tablet native mesh networking added with Open Garden preload

Chris Davies | SlashGear | August 21, 2013

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project has paired with Open Garden to bring mesh-networking to the new XO Tablet, allowing users of the low-cost open source slate to get online via bridged connections with other owners. [...] Read More »