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Aligning Europe's Approaches To Open Access

Mafalda Picarra | Research Information | January 8, 2015

While successive UK government and research funders’ policy announcements have kept open access (OA) high on the agenda for the UK’s researchers and universities, is it a similar priority for their European counterparts?...

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Beaumont Hospital in Ireland starts pursuing open source solutions

Brian Fitzgerald & Tony Kenny | EC Joinup | September 30, 2004

This article describes the implementation of an information systems infrastructure using open source software (OSS) in a large Irish public sector organization, Beaumont Hospital. The study identifies the primary organizational drivers in Beaumont’s move to OSS, namely principle and pragmatism. Read More »

Cash-strapped Health IT Vendors a Danger for Hospitals

Marla Durben Hirsch | Fierce Health IT | September 12, 2011

Financial issues for a software company could result in medical procedures going unscheduled and needy patients going without beds at a hospital across the pond, providing a cautionary tale for U.S. hospitals about the importance of vendor selection. Read More »

EU In 'Denial' That Sick Economy Costs Lives, Health Experts Say

Staff Writer | CNBC | March 27, 2013

Europe's financial crisis is costing lives, with suicides and infectious diseases on the rise, yet politicians are not addressing the problem, health experts said on Wednesday. Read More »

Good News from the European Medicines Agency

Jim Murray | Open Medicine EU | April 10, 2011

The recent conference in Cork on conflict of interest was extremely interesting and will provide the basis for a few posts on this blog – the speakers’ presentation can be seen here. Read More »

Introducing T-stór – Teagasc’s New Open Access Repository

Press Release | Teagasc | January 7, 2013

Teagasc has launched its newly developed Open Access repository, which makes Teagasc research papers freely available online.

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Ireland agency helps local governments beat 'open source' fears

Gijs Hillenius | EU Joinup | August 23, 2013

Public administrations in Ireland are losing their fear of open source, trying it out in a test environment offered by the country's Local Government Management Agency (LGMA). Read More »

Irish Govt urged to open its data to citizens to prove accountability

John Kennedy | Silicon Republic | June 21, 2012

The Irish Government has been called upon to follow US President Barack Obama’s lead and join the Open Government Partnership to drive transparency and innovation in Ireland. It would also send out a strong signal about its intentions towards accountability to citizens, an independent TD has said. Read More »

Limerick City in Ireland embracing open source

Gijs Hillenius | EC Joinup | March 19, 2012

The city council of Limerick, Ireland's third-largest city, is making more and more use of free and open source, to rid itself of IT vendor lock-in. It began three years ago by switching to the free and open source suite of office tools LibreOffice, replacing a proprietary office suite. Read More »

Linux Foundation Launches Public Health Initiative to Respond to COVID-19 and Future Pandemics with Open Source Solutions

Press Release | Linux Foundation Public Health | July 20, 2020

The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, today launched a new initiative to use open source technologies to help public health authorities (PHAs) around the world combat COVID-19 and future epidemics. The new Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) initiative is launching with seven Premier members - Cisco,, Geometer, IBM, NearForm, Tencent, and VMware - and two hosted exposure notifications projects, COVID Shield and COVID Green, which are currently being deployed in Canada, Ireland, and several U.S. states.

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National Principles For Open Access

Yvonne | Things You Should Know..... | November 5, 2012

The Irish Government has adopted the National Principles on Open Access which will come into effect in January, 2013. This means that all publicly funded research must be made available on open access. Obviously, this can only be when to do so is not a breach of the publisher's policy but the adoption of the Principles is a great stride forward for the Open Access movement in Ireland. Read More »'s Jerry Kennelly: Ireland Needs To Become A Land Of Coders And Scholars

John Kennedy | Silicon Republic | April 15, 2013

The saints and scholars tag for Ireland is defunct – it now needs to be known as the land of ‘coders and scholars’, Kerry technology entrepreneur Jerry Kennelly told DojoCon [...]. He told parents to wake up and be aware of a seismic change that will enable Ireland to make an economic impact on the world. Read More »

We’re Not No. 1! We’re Not No. 1!

Nicholas Kristof | The New York Times | April 2, 2014

...a major new ranking of livability in 132 countries puts the United States in a sobering 16th place. We underperform because our economic and military strengths don’t translate into well-being for the average citizen. In the Social Progress Index, the United States excels in access to advanced education but ranks 70th in health, 69th in ecosystem sustainability, 39th in basic education, 34th in access to water and sanitation and 31st in personal safety...

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eHealth Week 2013

Event Details
May 13, 2013 (All day) - May 15, 2013 (All day)

eHealth Week 2013 will be held this year in Dublin, Ireland. The conference brings together two main events: (1) the High Level eHealth Conference co-organized by the European Commission and the Irish Presidency of the Council of the European Union, and (2) the World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition (WoHIT) organized by HIMSS Europe. Read More »

Ireland Public Health (IPH) Open Conference

Event Details
October 8, 2013 (All day)
Croke Park Conference Center Dublin

Following the success of the Open Conference held In Belfast last year IPH invites you to attend the 2nd Public Health Open Conference which will take place on Tuesday, 8 October 2013 in Croke Park, Dublin. The programme will be suggested and developed by you, the participants, through online registration and this approach gives you the opportunity to present on a topic of your choice.  There is no cost in attending the Conference.

The aim of the Conference is to provide an open platform to:

  • Showcase multidisciplinary work in public health,
  • Provide opportunities for partnership working...

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