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DeSalvo Touts Interoperability, Blue Button At Consumer Health IT Summit

Katie Dvorak | FierceHealthIT | September 15, 2014

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT jumped into National Health IT Week in the District of Columbia by placing the focus on the consumers' role in their own healthcare...

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Hospital Technology is the New Determinant of Patient Satisfaction According to EHR User Survey

Press Release | Black Book Research | April 20, 2018

Electronic health record technology and the ways that providers use it to communicate with patients and physicians is affecting how satisfied stakeholders are with their hospital organizations. The insight is revealed within the eighth annual Black Book industry surveys of inpatient EHR users including hospital staff, managers, networked physicians and patient panels. “Involvement with healthcare consumers through technologies is proving to be a significant element of patient satisfaction,” said Doug Brown, managing partner of Black Book Research.

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Survey Suggests Public Is Ready To Engage

Jeff Rowe | Government Health IT | December 18, 2012

As we noted yesterday, many policymakers are keen on the role patients can take in the health IT transition. Given that goal, patient engagement advocates are likely to feel encouraged by a new survey which indicates that a healthy majority of healthcare consumers are willing to make greater use of health IT. Read More »