Luis Sosa, Technology Innovation For All In Latin America

Susana G. Baumann | VOXXI | July 27, 2013

Convinced that technology is not a privilege but a right for all, visionary Luis Sosa has positioned his company to expand access to mobile technology and create a connected global community.

Latin America is leading the global mobile growth trend and has become an open field for fierce competition among manufacturers and carriers. Innovation and accessibility is then vital to achieve market share. Luis Sosa, a visionary entrepreneur who knows the inside outs of the region, is leading the new technology war in latest mobile technology by making it accessible to everyone regardless of their socio economic status.

“Technology should not be a privilege, it should be a right for everyone,” the CEO of DDM Brands, Luis Sosa, told VOXXI. “Continuous innovation and changing the way people think about smartphones is part of our mission. Offering affordable and cutting edge phones at a time when they need them the most is our way to empower our current and potential customers.”...