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Dramatic Growth Of Open Access 2013 First Quarter: Comparisons

Heather Morrison | The Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics | April 3, 2013

This issue features a comparison of open access growth including CC-BY article growth figures supplied by OASPA. [...] Recent research suggests that CC-BY is the preference of a small minority of scholars. Read More »

Dramatic Growth of Open Access First Quarter 2014

Heather Morrison | Blogspot | April 7, 2014

Highlights this quarter: three open access initiatives illustrating particularly strong growth this quarter are featured (Directory of Open Access Books, Highwire Press free sites, and PubMedCentral with 5 of the top 15 spots by quarterly growth rate). The number of journals in DOAJ has decreased this quarter; please note that this reflects a vigorous weeding process at DOAJ rather than a decrease in fully open access journals.

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QScience Now Publishing Open Access Ebooks

Press Release | Qatar Foundation, Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals (BQFJ), Bloomsbury Publishing Plc | December 23, 2012

QScience has published it first open access ebook, ‘An Islamic Modification of the Person-Centered Counseling Approach’ by Aisha Salman Al-Thani of Qatar University. This book explores the possibility of applying a modified person-centered counseling approach (PCA) as a nondirective way of helping and supporting Muslim clients in the state of Qatar [...]. Read More »

Spotlight On Open Access At The Smithsonian Libraries

Richard Naples | Smithsonian Libraries Unbound | January 30, 2013

James Smithson bequeathed his fortune to the people of the United States with the clear impetus for the “increase and diffusion of knowledge.” The Smithsonian Libraries takes that message to heart by striving to connect ideas and information to you, and all whom we serve. Consider this an overview of Open Access (with capital O and A) and open access (lowercase o & a) here at the Libraries. Long story short: if you have access to the internet, you have access to an increasing number of quality, peer-reviewed journals and scholarly publications (as long as you know where to look).

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Spotlight On Open Access Books At COASP 2012

Janneke Adema | Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) | November 14, 2012

For the first time, 2012 saw the 4th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing (COASP) feature an afternoon of sessions entirely dedicated to Open Access books. Read More »