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5 Initiatives That Pushed the Free Software Envelope in Europe in 2016

The public sector tends to lag—some would say drag—behind the private sector when it comes to adopting new technologies. This is also true when it comes to adopting free software: Although companies widely see free technologies as a boon, government organizations often are still locked into proprietary software and work with closed standards. That said, some countries are making progress moving toward open source technologies...

Bulgaria Passes Law Requiring Government Software to Be Open Source

Jonathan Chadwick | ZDNet | July 5, 2016

Amendments to the country's Electronic Governance Act have been voted on in Parliament and are now in effect. Amendments have been passed by the Bulgarian Parliament requiring all software written for the government to be open source and developed in a public repository, making custom software procured by the government accessible to everyone. Article 58 of the Electronic Governance Act states that administrative authorities must include the following requirements...

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