Humetrix’s ONC multi-award winning iBlueButton mobile application delivers a common-sense approach for data sharing, with the consumer /patient/ citizen accessing, storing, and sharing as they need, and as they want their own health records with the use of their own mobile devices. With iBlueButton, personal health records and other sensitive personal health information are only placed in the hands of the iBlueButton app user who pulls their own data directly from Medicare, the VA or the DoD health system into their own smartphone or tablet.

Computing, data processing, personal annotation, and data storage only take place on the user’s device, securely, under the user’s direct control. Personal information is never seen, stored, processed, or shared with third parties by Humetrix or anyone else other than the app user who has total ownership and control over their personal health information. With this local privacy and security by design architecture, iBlueButton avoids the risk of data tampering and data hacking of large cloud-based health data systems which have become the prime targets of such attacks.

iBlueButton embraces and delivers on the Administration’s new MyHealthEData initiative, starting with CMS Blue Button 2.0, by putting patients first and giving them control over their health information. Blue Button 2.0 enabled, iBlueButton provides for over 50 million Medicare beneficiaries and their caregivers a critical patient safety tool for them to coordinate their care.

Most preventable and life-threatening medical errors affect the elderly who are more likely to be on multiple medications and suffer from multiple chronic conditions which are too often unknown or partially known, given that on average a Medicare beneficiary sees seven different physicians in four different locations in a given year. When only one third of physicians exchange their patient health records, Medicare Blue Button 2.0 enabled applications like iBlueButton which transform in real time claim data into an actionable longitudinal health record with an up to date list of medications (actually delivered by a pharmacy, and not simply prescribed), list of diagnoses, or prior tests and procedures can be life-saving and cost saving.

“Giving control of their health information to millions of Medicare beneficiaries by offering to them CMS approved Blue Button enabled apps is one of the most important Public Health initiatives of our time” says Bettina Experton, M.D., M.P.H., Humetrix Founder & CEO, and former Public Health officer.

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