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Android Mobile Health Apps

Google maintains the Android Market web site which contains a wide variety of free and low cost mobile health (mHealth) apps for consumers. See top free mHealth apps on Android Market.

BlackBerry App World

BlackBerry App World allows you to search for and download mobile health (mHealth) apps to your handheld BlackBerry device. You can browse featured and top downloaded apps from such categories as health & fitness, education & reference, news & magazines, and much more. Read More »

Borboleta Mobile Telehealth Project

Borboleta Mobile Telehealth - An open source development project in Brazil designed to support home care programs in public health, using advanced mobile computing tools.

CIS Mobile

Headquartered in the United States, CIS mobile has a mission to address Government needs for a modern, convenient, and secure mobility platform. The altOS platform is American-made, and the U.S. source code is available to our customers for review. Read More »

Doctors Use Mobile Apps to Access Real-time Patient Information

Bridget Carey | The Miami Herald | May 17, 2011

In the past, the health care industry was often behind the curve when it came to work-management technology, he said. But now, hospital staff can't keep up with physicians' demands for patient data access via mobile devices. Read More »


eMOCHA is a free open-source application, developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Clinical Global Health Education. eMOCHA is designed to assist health programs in developing countries improve provider communication and education, as well as patient care, by coordinating wireless devices with local server-based clinical training and patient care support services.

European Directory of Health Apps: 2012-2013

This first edition of the "European Directory of Health Apps" was launched on October 3rd 2012 at the European Health Forum 2012. The Directory contains facts about 200 smartphone health apps capable of helping patients self manage their medical conditions. It lists health apps that run on all of the major operating systems, e.g. Read More »


FrontlineSMS is an award-winning free and open source software product that turns a laptop and a mobile phone into a central communications hub. Once installed, the program enables users to send and receive text messages with groups of people through mobile phones. Useful in emergency management or humanitarian crisis situations.


Funambol is the leading provider of mobile cloud sync. Its mobile open source platform can be used for many types of mobile applications, including push email, PIM data synchronization and device management. It provides C++ and Java client APIs and server side Java APIs. It facilitates the development, deployment and management of a wide range of mobile projects. Read More »

Google Play Mobile Apps

Google Play, formerly known as the Android Market, is a digital application distribution platform for Android developed and maintained by Google. The service allows users to browse and download music, books, movies, television programs, and mobile apps made available from Google. Mobile apps on Google Play are available either for free or for a small fee. Read More »

Got an Idea for a Healthcare Mobile App? Apply For a Rock Health Grant.

Ruth Suehle | | April 5, 2011

Applications are now being accepted for Rock Health, a program rewarding ideas that will "catalyze innovation in the interactive health space." Rock Health's mission is to enable and empower an entrepreneurial cure for the relative lack of innovation in the health sector. The world of patient care and healthy living is foreign to the technological creativity found in social media, games and other verticals. Rock Health directly targets the gap between these ecosystems, enabling high-impact innovation.

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Health UnBound (HUB)

Health UnBound (HUB) is the interactive network and online knowledge resource center for the mobile health (mHealth) community. Through HUB, the Mobile Health Alliance strives to bring together individuals from all disciplines of the mHealth community, from developers to doctors, to generate collective solutions and inspire new innovations that will transform health with technology. Read More »


Humetrix’s ONC multi-award winning iBlueButton mobile application delivers a common-sense approach for data sharing, with the consumer /patient/ citizen accessing, storing, and sharing as they need, and as they want their own health records with the use of their own mobile devices. With iBlueButton, personal health records and other sensitive personal health information are only placed in the hands of the iBlueButton app user who pulls their own data directly from Medicare, the VA or the DoD health system into their own smartphone or tablet.

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iMedicalApps provides commentary and reviews by clinicians on mobile medical technology and apps. Reviews and commentary are based on their own experiences in the hospital and clinic setting. Creative and content control are strictly managed by the medical professionals running the site.


JavaROSA is an open source mHealth application currently in use in sub-Saharan Africa that has substantial code contributions from multiple institutions, including for-profit, non-profit, and academic institutions. JavaROSA’s framework architecture is flexible and modular, allowing the development of wholly new applications with minimal new code. Read More »