Why Healthcare Data Security, Compliance Issues Go Untreated

Dave Brunswick | Health IT Security | August 9, 2016

Secure managed file transfer solutions can be beneficial to covered entities as they work to overcome healthcare data security and compliance issues.

If there ever was a pulse of healthcare operations, it’s data. From patient enrollment forms, electronic health records, and health insurance information, the amount of electronic data flowing through the medical community increases every day. With that, healthcare data security must also be a top priority.

With such mandates as HIPAA, HITECH, and the Final Omnibus Rule regulating how data is protected and managed, healthcare organizations of all varieties risk millions of dollars in fines for breaches that may expose PHI or PII. But there’s good reason such stringent standards exist.

Considering the amount of personal information within claims processing records, imaging scans, and doctors’ discharge instructions continuously flowing among hospitals, clinics, labs, doctors’ offices, insurance providers, billing departments, iPads, and wearable devices, data security is of the utmost importance, especially since healthcare information is a lucrative target for hackers...