Physician Feedback Key to EHR Usability Improvements

Sara Heath | EHR Intelligence | August 3, 2016

Research shows that physician satisfaction and EHR usability improves after periodic physician feedback assessments.

In order to improve physician EHR use, health IT developers need to take into consideration the needs of end users and practice managers. New research shows that developers can improve EHR usability when they collect user feedback periodically. According to a research team led by Anne Press, MD, this user feedback is important when integrating new specialty functions into an EHR.

The team tested a substance abuse screening tool by integrating it into both the paper health record workflow and the EHR workflows at one hospital. Press and colleagues surveyed medical office assistants (MOAs) and physicians about the integration for both the paper charts and the EHRs, assessing usability after two research phases.

The team hypothesized that both groups would prefer the EHRs for improved clinical workflow. However, after the first round of the study, the paper charts proved to be the preferred method of screening for both MOAs and physicians. Following round one of the study, participants reported many complaints about the EHR system, saying that it complicated their workflows...