Announcing the New Microsoft and Open Source Partner Community

Openness Team | Microsoft Blog | July 12, 2016

At Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2016, we announced the Microsoft and Open Source Partner Community, a Lithium-powered platform for you to easily collaborate with the vast and diverse ecosystem of partners who build and sell open source solutions on Microsoft Azure. Our goal with this community is to open the lines of communication for system integrators, solution providers and independent software vendors to connect with each other and with Microsoft product teams directly.

We’ve seen significant momentum with customers bringing their open source workloads to Microsoft Azure. In fact, today nearly one in three virtual machines on Azure are Linux and growing day-by-day. This building momentum represents a huge opportunity for all of our partners as trusted cloud advisors for our mutual customers.

We created this community discussion board for anyone interested in receiving and sharing information on the broad range of open technologies and solutions on Azure. Use the Microsoft and Open Source community to browse posts, stay up-to-date on supported open source technologies and partnership announcements, or click “start a topic” to begin your own conversation...