New Resource Spotlight: “That’s Improvement!”: Uganda Focuses On Health Workers

Staff Writer | CapacityPlus | September 25, 2013

Meet three Ugandan health workers who love their jobs. Agnes, Habiba, and Alex find joy in serving their clients, but they face many challenges—and there are simply not enough health workers to meet the demand.

To improve health services, Uganda is focusing on the people that provide quality care. CapacityPlus and the Uganda Capacity Program, both led by IntraHealth International, are supporting the Ugandan government’s efforts to strengthen its health workforce and increase access to quality care. In this short video by CapacityPlus’s Carol Bales and Sarah Dwyer, Ugandan health workers, managers, and leaders show how the country’s efforts are paying off—and how service delivery has improved.

Other countries can strengthen their health workforce by adapting the tools and approaches that Uganda has successfully used. A special website section hosts the video and contains links to numerous resources and tools as well as the following related stories: