Health IT tools lack proof of effectiveness

Katie Dvorak | Fierce Health IT | August 31, 2015

There are myriad apps, tools and technologies entering the healthcare marketplace--but most lack proof that they are helping consumers battle disease and stay healthy, according to an article in Fortune. To that end, hospitals must be very careful when adopting health IT, according to Richard Milani, chief clinical transformation officer at Ochsner Health System. "You want to be comfortable that the technology you're utilizing is reliable and accurate," Milani tells Fortune. "That's a genuine concern. If you have some scientific data or peer-reviewed data to back it up, that certainly makes it a little easier."

Outside the hospital, the potential of too many apps invading the marketplace, with many going unvetted, also is a concern that demands attention, according to an article published at the Journal of the American Medical Association. In fact, due to the dearth of evidence from health IT manufacturers on the effectiveness of their products, startup Evidation Health is setting its sights on the problem, according to the article.

Evidation, backed by GE Ventures and Stanford, is studying marketing claims of health IT companies and seeing if they pan out. "I wouldn't couch it in the context of, 'these companies are making claims they can't back up,'" CEO Deborah Kilpatrick tells Fortune. "They just haven't [proven them]. Whether or not they can remains to be seen."...