Open Source Mobile Health Technology Assists with Maternal Care, Epidemics

Vera Gruessner | mHealth Intelligence | June 1, 2015

Mobile health technology may be able to play a strong role in improving healthcare services in third world countries, as one case study illustrated the benefits mHealth brought to several nations in Africa. Whether it's in fighting the Ebola virus or providing maternal medical care, mobile health technology has offered key solutions that have improved the health of citizens in impoverished regions.

According to a report released by the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings, mobile health technology may be used to manage disease epidemics, maternal healthcare, and chronic conditions. In particular, telehealth platforms and wearable devices can better track patient health as well as the effectiveness of treatments and diagnostics.

Remote monitoring tools and mobile apps have brought a variety of benefits to healthcare workers such as midwives, as it has expanded their knowledge base about patient care. The report focused on studying mobile health technology and applications in three particular regions of Africa: Nigeria, Liberia, and Sierra Leone...