Lebanon Should Not Miss Out On The Next Big Technological Advance: Mechatronics

Barbar Akle | Executive Magazine | December 11, 2014

...Currently, the field of automation and robotics is experiencing rapid developments due to the accelerated progress of artificial intelligence, computer vision, micromanufacturing and rapid prototyping. This means that complex and intelligent machines will start replacing some jobs, while also providing convenience and personal assistance. State of the art developments include driverless cars, which are currently being tested in the UK and some US states, suggesting that autonomous transportation will replace workers in the area of public transport.

Robots are already roaming around some hospitals to entertain patients and check on their needs. With further development, these automatons will eventually reduce the need for healthcare workers. Similar examples include microsurgical robots that are being augmented with artificial intelligence, smart automated building management systems, automated quality control, industrial automation, smart traffic control, 3D printed food, automated sushi belts and robotic waiters, to name but a few. This is not science fiction; it is happening today, and soon enough robots and other mechatronic systems will be handling many chores in the industrial, personal and service sectors. These and other technologies provide industries with several opportunities to improve their production at a lower cost...