Canadian Firm Develops 'Open Source' Hydroponics System

Sam Varghese | iT Wire | October 6, 2014

A Canadian 3D printing company has devised a hydroponics system which it calls 3Dponics, using some parts which are printed on a 3D printer and others which are commonly available.  The company, 3Dprintler labs, has now created another entity, 3Dponics, to cater to those who are interested in adopting the system. The designs for the parts which are printable on a 3D printer are freely available - or open source as the company terms it - and can be downloaded and printed.

3Dprintler's director of social media, Lucy Morrissey, told iTWire that 3Dponics had been launched as a project in July 2014 and became a company officially a month later.  3Dprintler is owned by Michael Golubev, a Canadian of Russian origin. He started the company and is the current chief executive. The head office is in Ottawa and there are representatives in Belgrade, St Petersburg and Singapore.

"Michael had his own Makerbot Replicator 2 and enjoyed experimenting with it; 3D printing began as a hobby," Morrissey said.  "However, he was soon printing parts that were actually quite useful - parts (that) others were interested in getting their hands on. At the same time, he had a keen interest in indoor gardening. It wasn't long before he was 3D printing parts that would make his vertical garden more efficient and the upkeep easier."...