The Way To Doctors' Hearts Is Through Their EMR

Nahum Kovalski | The Times of Israel | September 23, 2014

I recently heard a fascinating panel discussion at a top level conference, specifically about issues related to the design of electronic medical records (EMRs). The panel being interviewed represented top players in the EMR market in the US. Unfortunately, one company was not represented, specifically EPIC. EPIC is perhaps the most popular of the present EMRs in the States. There have also been many complaints about EPICs design. Perhaps their “no show” was strategic – they did not want to give any of the other EMR companies a chance to speak negatively about EPIC. In any case, I highly advise that you take the time to listen to this panel discussion.

Coincidently, the American Medical Association recently released a list of “8 ways that EMRs can be improved”. I think it is a valuable list. More importantly, it is followed up by a full descriptive document that can be seen at AMA report. The topic list from the AMA (as described in Physician’s First Watch goes as follows...