Chronology Of Ebola Virus Disease Outbreaks, 1976-2014

Ramon Martinez | Health Intelligence | June 10, 2014

The blog post Ebola virus disease outbreak, West Africa, 2014 was devoted to present the current situation of the outbreak of Ebola virus that is currently taking place in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. Some readers requested additional information about the number of outbreaks of Ebola virus disease in history and affected countries, so I decided to visualized the chronology of Ebola outbreaks.

The data used in the visualization bellow comes from the Fact sheet N. 103, Ebola virus disease published by The World health Organization (WHO). The map shows all countries affected by outbreaks and a label displaying the number of outbreaks occurred in each country. To the right-side of the map, the complete list of Ebola outbreaks (a total of 25) sorted in ascending order by year of occurrence is presented. Hover the mouse over the affected countries in the map to get additional information. Click on any affected country on the map to select and filter outbreaks on the list. Click on any row of the list to highlight the affected country in the map.