MERS Cases Revealed In Saudi Arabia Raise Questions

Staff Writer | CBC News | June 4, 2014

Saudi Arabia should explain why cases and deaths weren't previously reported, experts say

The World Health Organization and other experts are looking for answers to explain how Saudi Arabia missed or failed to report a substantial number of MERS cases and deaths over the past year. Several experts praised the kingdom's health ministry for making what must have been a difficult disclosure, revealing on Tuesday that the country had not previously reported an additional 113 cases and 92 deaths caused by the Middle East respiratory syndrome virus.

But they suggested until there is an explanation of how the cases failed to come to light until now, doubts will continue to dog Saudi Arabia's response to the MERS outbreak. "I think you have to get an explanation in order for this to become credible," said Marion Koopmans, a Dutch virologist whose work provided the first tangible clue that the MERS virus infects camels...