University College London Hospitals Deploys Open Source Patient List

Lis Evenstad and Rebecca Todd | E-Health Insider | April 14, 2014

University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has rolled out an open source patient list web service. The system, from Open Health Care UK is called eICID, for Electronic Clinical Infections Database, and is being used by the infectious diseases, microbiology, and immune teams across the trust to help look after patients and support research and audit.

The eICID has been developed in partnership with several trust clinicians and has replaced printed-out word documents they used to keep track of patients. Dr Vanya Gant, a consultant microbiologist and the trust's director for the infection division, told EHI that previously, decisions on patients were recorded on paper records, which he said “was fine for clinical purposes, but not maximising our ability to utilise routine clinical data to feed into improving clinical care”.

“The system allows me to rapidly review and document clinical decisions about large number of patients who have complex infection related issues,” she said...