This Electronic Health Record's Cost Has Jumped 2,233 Percent

Bob Brewin | Nextgov | March 27, 2014

Costing 2,233 percent more than originally estimated, the Defense Health Agency’s electronic health record -- designed to be used in combat -- leads a motley pack of major Defense Department automated information systems whose costs have soared by mind-boggling percentages into the billions of dollars, according to government report.

The Theater Medical Information Program - Joint (TMIP-J), Increment 2, was supposed to cost $67.7 million in November 2002 but soared to $1.58 billion as of December 2013, the Government Accountability Office said in the 100 page report.

Program officials attributed the cost increase to the addition of capabilities originally intended to be included in a future increment, new requirements necessary to meet the needs of the warfighter, and the inclusion of operations and maintenance costs, GAO said...