The Prospects Of The HTML5-Based Firefox OS

Staff Writer | DigiTimes | February 21, 2014

With the fast expanding reach of the Internet and the approaching of the era of cloud computing, the HTML5 open platform enables quick development of cross-platform applications, easing concerns that there may be different user experience on different connected devices. Mozilla, known for its Firefox web browser, is also eyeing the mobile operation system (OS) market. It has launched Firefox OS, which is based on HTML5 and Open Web resources. It is a truly open source platform that frees software and hardware designers from the restrictions that would otherwise be imposed on them by closed and semi-closed platforms.

The advantages of open platform

During a recent forum, Mozilla Taiwan Marketing Director Michael Hung explained why Firefox OS is necessary and where its advantages lie.

In terms of mobile computing, iOS and Android combine for an overwhelming share of more than 90% of the smartphone market. Not much room has been left for others, not even for the software giant Microsoft, whose Windows Phone can only be fighting for third place and a small fraction of the market. Why, then, a small organization like Mozilla is eager to have a share of the "Red Ocean" by launching its Firefox OS? Hung noted that it has something to do with the nature of Mozilla. Historically speaking, Netscape had more than 80% of the browser market in the early days of the Internet, until Microsoft launched its Internet Explorer (IE) in 1996 and the tables were beginning to turn. In 2002, Microsoft's IE had over 80% of the market.